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Published: November 29, 2023

Written by:Sam

Ethereum roulette is one of the most popular casino games you will find at ETH gambling sites. It’s pretty standard and to be expected, as the game is a classic at traditional casinos, and with the power of Ethereum you have every reason to want and play roulette. 

We have put together a list of the best ETH casinos that offer roulette, and different versions of it. You will be able to find French, European, and America Roulette that accepts Ethereum as its core bet, and also benefit from exciting Live Dealer games. 

How to Find the Best Roulette Casinos

If you are looking for a great roulette Ethereum casino, we recommend heading over to our review section. There you will find detailed breakdowns of why we feature certain casinos on our list and what games you can expect to find. Here is how our methodology works.

#1 We Play Test Roulette Games

The first thing we do is to check out the section of roulette games. We look for the software developers and game variety and check to see if the games run smoothly from all platforms and devices. Only then, do we move onto the rest of the factors we hold of equal value but still expect a minimum selection of Ethereum roulette first. 

#2 We Check the Casino’s Reputation

It’s crucial to check and see if a casino has a good reputation with the community. We similarly verify the safety of the casino by looking into what algorithms it uses 

#3 We Verify the Payments

Our team will always make sure to see if a casino offers quick deposits and withdrawals. We know that Ethereum payouts are fast, but there are also AML and KYC checks to factor for. The casinos we list are only those that offer quick, efficient, and pain-free banking. 

#4 Customer Support

Not least, we expect to find a good standard of customer support. Ethereum roulette casinos should always have a reliable service that allows players to find their bearings quickly and easily. 

Types of Ethereum Roulette You Can Play

There are many different types of Ethereum roulette games you can try. We have listed the main versions and why you may be interested in playing them. To find these games, make sure to visit the recommended casinos at 


European is the most standard version of roulette that you will find at all the best Ethereum casino sites. The game comes with a single zero and it makes it easy for you to play and win. The RTP here is 97.30%, which is one of the highest for a roulette game, and by and large, this is the most preferred and most readily available version of the game. 


French is another single-zero version of roulette, and the main difference here is that there are two special rules called La Partage and En Prison, which allow you to mitigate some of the losses caused by 0. Essentially, you get a second chance to get a better roll, or at least collect half of your bet back. 

It’s important to note that not all Ethereum gambling sites feature French roulette, and sometimes – those that do, do not necessarily have both rules applied. When both La Partage and En Prison apply, though, you get the lowest house edge – 1.34%. 


American may seem like the least favorable option due to its steep house edge, but the game is actually very cool and yes – you can bet on it with Ethereum as the main currency of choice. Players will get to deal with two 0’s which is not all that bad news because you still get to explore a unique five-number bet. 

Live Dealer

This is perhaps the most exciting version of Ethereum roulette you can play. The games in this category are played in the company of a live dealer, and they often go beyond the traditional gameplay options.

Apart from being hosted by a live dealer, these games can often feature some unique features. For example, Lightning Roulette uses the namesake “lightning numbers” which can offer up to 500x multipliers on a single bet.

There are also other worthwhile versions such as Immersive Roulette and Age of Gods Roulette, which will bring the potential for bigger, more significant winnings. 

How to Win at Ethereum Roulette

Winning at Ethereum roulette is not as complicated. As a game of chance, there is only this much you can do to influence the outcome of a game. Granted, there are many Ethereum roulette strategies that we will discuss in-depth in another article, but even they are not entirely sure-fire.

This doesn’t mean, though, that you still can’t influence the outcome of a roulette game by knowing exactly what to do. There are many successful stratagems that are designed to be used to mitigate losses and boost short and mid-term gains.

Martingale, Fibonacci, and Labouchere are all great systems designed to make the experience more fun. There are other strategies you can use such as keeping a good bankroll management in mind and also betting on Outside Bets as opposed to Inside Bets.

Picking a good, high-RTP version of the game is also a way to mitigate potential losses and boost your winnings. 


Ethereum roulette is a lot of fun and most of it – it’s very accessible these days. The game is available at all trusted and respected crypto casinos that accept ETH which means that as a player, you will be in no shortage of excellent options to explore. Players are very welcome to have a go and try the casinos from our list, which undoubtedly feature some of the best Ethereum roulette.


Is Ethereum roulette safe?

Yes, Ethereum roulette is very safe. You only need to find trusted Ethereum sites to visit and play at. 

Can I win playing Ethereum roulette?

Yes, you can absolutely win playing Ethereum roulette. However, roulette as such is a game of chance which means that the longer you play, the longer the chance of losing all becomes.

What is the best Ethereum roulette site?

Bitcasino, BitStarz, and FortuneJack all offer great versions of Ethereum roulette for you to explore. 

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